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    “Margaret Thatcher Did a Lot for Art”

    By kyle | July 4, 2009

    So say gay Brit artists Gilbert and George, who point out that socialists want everyone to be the same but “we want to be different.”

    George always votes Conservative and claims never to have been anti-establishment. “You’re not allowed to be Conservative in the art world, of course,” he says. “Left equals good. Art equals Left. Pop stars and artists are meant to be so original. So how come everyone has the same opinion?

    And at the same time, “Margaret Thatcher, Revolutionary” is the Weekly Standard cover story:

    The New Statesman’s explanation was accurate but astounding: “When Margaret Thatcher was asked what she had changed about British politics, she answered, with uncharacteristic immodesty, ‘Everything’–and it was true.”

    It praises this remark by the author Claire Berlinski from her book “There Is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters”:

    Yet one of Thatcher’s deepest beliefs and main achievements–her hostility towards, and defeat of, socialism–is suddenly both topical and contentious again. Though Berlinski was writing before the financial crisis got into full swing, she argues that socialism has been “buried prematurely,” that it is “on the ascendant” in Latin America, “on the march” in Europe, is “the real message” of the antiglobalization movement, and that it would be “the fault line of the coming century” in politics, as it has been since the French Revolution. Thatcher’s great historical significance was that she had “perceived these forces, and for a time mastered them.”

    Topics: Art, Europe, Politics | 3 Comments »

    3 Responses to ““Margaret Thatcher Did a Lot for Art””

    1. kyle Says:
      July 4th, 2009 at 9:44 pm

      Yeah, her administration and the overall political climate she brought to the UK was the basis for Alan Moore’s for V for Vendetta. Just thought you and the rest of the red staters should know.

      Thanks anyway Kyle! Spoken like a true fascist once again though. What would the police states and corporations of the world do without you going to bat for them? I shudder to think.

    2. Jules Says:
      July 8th, 2009 at 5:46 am

      Thatcher was a raving lunatic who prolonged a war just to keep herself in office, when down in the polls. These days she is too crazy to be interviewed but she is hilarious when the cameras do catch up with her – especially after a few whiskeys. I think she went downhill after Dennis pegged it.

      She is one of the worst prime ministers my country ever had and probably even worst than that Richard Branson-like idiot Tony Blair, who became America’s poodle and also prolonged a war.

      Let’s face it, the Spitting Image puppets of Thatcher, her senile counterpart Ronnie Reagan and the entire British cabinet were better than the real thing. Certainly cleverer.

      Kyle, I have sent you an email about something which is more important than this. Can you reply by email when you get it please?

    3. Floyd R. Turbo Says:
      July 9th, 2009 at 11:08 am

      So Maggie Thatcher is bad because some comic-book writer made a fascist comic book — sorry — graphic “novel”? The UK would be 20 years further towards Gomorrah if not for Thatcher. Major, Blair and Brown have nearly ruined you guys over there. Read some real history instead of comic books and bad puppets from Genesis videos.