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    Tom Hanks, Tasteless in Tinseltown

    By kyle | January 24, 2009

    Tom Hanks seems to be learning what most celebrities intuitively understood 50 years ago: if you take any political position, even one that seems obviously correct to you and everyone you ever talk to (maybe especially that kind), you risk annoying large numbers of potential customers. So he’s backing off after slamming Mormons as “un-American.”

    Topics: Celebutards, Movies, Religion | 5 Comments »

    5 Responses to “Tom Hanks, Tasteless in Tinseltown”

    1. K Says:
      January 24th, 2009 at 11:29 pm

      What a wimp! You wouldn’t see Sean Penn doing this.

    2. Richard K Says:
      January 25th, 2009 at 10:30 am

      Tom Hanks is being blackmailed by his Hollywood make-up, hair and blow boys, can’t you tell? Same with director Opie, who recently celebutarded GWB. Hollywood revolves around the quêêr eyes for the star guys, i.e. the “personal-service” people who are worshipped in a manner befitting Barak Obama.

    3. Don Reed Says:
      December 12th, 2011 at 7:07 pm

      I’m just catching up here, nice to see something I didn’t see at the time that it happened (on the other hand, how much of this stuff can you read and not go bats?).

      I’m not infused with warm feelings about Hanks, who exemplifies the Hollywood habits of reading & memorizing scripts and then confusing this activity with the acquisition & retention of the ability to think coherently.

      But it IS a straightforward apology, one that I could have greatly benefited from reading, prior to having to apologize for having hastily spoken about subjects I knew little about & thus making a fool out of myself; & it is to his utmost credit that he issued this mea culpa statement.

      When I was young, it was the right wingers who were obnoxious about “being” & defining what was “American.”

      Now, in this respect, the left wingers impulsively play the fools & then pay the price.

    4. toast Says:
      December 22nd, 2011 at 5:06 am

      Geez Mr. Kyle Smith, answer one question for me please… Are you a Mormon? Maybe you are related to Joseph Smith through your ancestors. Your rhetoric, passive aggressive actions, unbiased reporting, and the misuse of Tom Hanks true motive is appalling! In DEFENSE of MR HANKS, It is my turn to give you a dose of rhetoric, too.

      First of all, after living in the epicenter of Mormonism for 15 years in Provo, Utah, only a Mormon biased journalist or BYU reporter would say something like, “tasteless in Tinsletown” and “..slamming Mormons as Un-American,” by taking what Tom said out of context and blatantly assuming Tom’s use of “Un-American” as a blanket attack on ALL Mormons.

      Hey Kyle, Please read the entire quote in context, apply some empathy and history to see what he really meant.

      “..a lot of Mormons gave a lot of money to the church to make Prop-8 happen.There are a lot of people that say that is Un-American, and I am one of them…”

      Tom Hanks slamming the Mormon people as Un-American? WHERE???
      What bothers Tom and a lot of people like myself is the fact the Mormons have a difficult time separating church from state. And using their sheep (members) in their religion to blindly follow the leaders and vote what they, the religious leaders have already decided.
      History has proven this since the days of Joseph Smith..Mormons pay 10 percent tithing to have full fellowship in their temples and to achieve Celestial Heaven. They are locked in.
      My children are related to the 19th wife of Brigham Young. Her name was Eliza Ann Webb Young. (great book to read, “19th wife” can be bought at website mentioned below.)
      She describes in eloquent detail in her autobiography the awful actions of Polygamist Brigham Young and how he exploited Mormon women (mostly his abundant wives) to vote for certain candidates. While in a stagecoach, Eliza Young describes how he forced her to vote for a particular candidate before she could actually do any sort of research on the potential candidates. This is the epitome of nepotism and a personal act of not separating church from state..This act BY the LEADERS seems VERY Un-American as well!! But Not the members!!!
      This is what inferiates Tom and myself, this terrible process of the leaders of the church making the decisions for the members of the church. A totalitarian approach instead of a true democracy or republic, does also seem Un-American. TOM does not EVER say or IMPLY that the Mormon members are Un-American, (maybe some are from their individual actions), but rather just sheep led to the slaughter by their hypocritical leaders.
      These sheep are in a cult, a fortune 500 company and are brainwashed by there corrupt leaders to believe these false prophets are true prophets of God.

      As a matter of fact, if you really do some research, the fact is, Joseph Smith and Brigham Young were extremely Un-American, not the Mormon members. Look at some of their crazy prophecies, saying the US Government will be overthrown in the 1800’s was a false prophecy by Joseph Smith. Saying the second coming of Christ was happening in 1891, more lies by OLD JOE.

      The members were and are simply gullible and naive, like i used to be before i researched the history of the church in great unbiased detail. I was appalled by the truth being swept under the rugs from the sheep by the leaders, and I eventually wised up and left the church.
      This nepotism and lack of separation of church and state is an Un-American ACT (a verb) or PROCESS he is referring to, NOT the actual Mormon people.

      You passive aggressive fool, how could you warp the motive of what he really meant! Tom is a great actor and doesn’t deserve this twisted play on words by a journalist filled with fallacies and biases in crucifying him.
      When attending Communication classes at WSU, our teacher said a great journalist will read what someone says at least 3 or 4 times, ponder what they said, look at ALL of the angles before attacking someone prematurely. To be proactively a critical thinker without the use of fallacies.
      You will never excel and reach the pinnacle of success as a journalist until the day you can separate your religious biases and truly do some objective reporting, without the passive aggressive assumption, as well.
      If you are not a Mormon, I apologize for my wrong assumption. I still do not like your style.
      If you are a Mormon, 90% chance you are, with the clues present, I challenge you to look at the Mormon references in

      and study your leader’s and prophet’s past in an unbiased way. It will be life changing for you.

      One more thing, If you really research the facts, Tom was wrong on one thing, “….these people (the polygamist FLDS) are some bizarre off shoot of the Mormon religion.”
      In FACT.. it is the other way around!!!
      The Ladder Day Saints are in fact an off shoot from the FLDS church.

      The FLDS actually are more scripturally accurate to Joseph Smiths teachings and to the Book of Mormon than the watered down LDS religion we are accustomed to seeing in SLC as well as the 50 thousand missionaries the leaders send out annually.
      Joseph Smith, the founder, if alive today, would for sure join the FLDS church, more to his liking. He had to satisfy his high sex drive and practiced polygamy behind his wife’s back and the church members for years! He never admitted it in public, ever, to the sheep at the time! Now that is appalling and hypocritical!
      check out all the LDS sources and references.

      peace and God Bless

    5. kishke Says:
      December 22nd, 2011 at 11:54 am

      Toast, what brand coffee do you drink? It seems awfully potent.