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    Hate Mail of the Week

    By Kyle | April 25, 2014

    Lots of excited commentary on my satiric piece about Chelsea Clinton’s baby.

    A sampling:

    Name: Tony Ruiz
    Comment: Exactly how stupid are you? Wait, that was mean and I apologize. I guess the better question is, who do you think you are? What is wrong with you? Are you so rotten to your core that you basically target an entire family during a happy time just because you don’t like their politics?
    I didn’t vote for Mitt Romney. I don’t like his politics, and I thought he was kind of a phony. But never would I have EVER questioned Romney’s love for his children or his EIGHTEEN grandchildren. (Sidebar: why doesn’t the media ever ask about male politicians when they have children and grandchildren?)
    You don’t like the Clintons, fine. That’s great. Criticize them all the way. But this entire “open letter” is tasteless. And if you were going for humor, you failed miserably.
    Name: Cathy
    Comment: Kyle, Get over yourself. What about the Kennedy’s who were and still are the biggest frauds and criminals in this country? Leave the baby along, you big goon.
    Name: Ginny Roemer
    Comment: This is the most offensive thing I have read in years and I read a lot. Something is the matter with you. Get help.
    Name: Jeff Justis
    Comment: You are a sick, stupid idiot. I hope you never have children.
    Name: Emily Nelson
    Comment: That was dirty pool, the letter to the “fetus.” Atrocious editorial conduct, for which censure would be fitting. Tough is one thing, but there is no toughness here; there is only . . . going after an easy mark. Bad job.
    Name: David Finnk
    Comment: Was that Clinton article really necessary? Really mean spirited and dripping with typical NY Post right wing garbage.
    Name: Bruce Schmiechen
    Comment: Kyle, with that ” open letter” you’ve proven yourself a grotesque douchebag even by NY Post standards. I’d never heard of you before and will try to keep it that way – I doubt you have even the raw, crude talent of the Pro Douchebags like O’rielly, et al. You deserve your obscurity.
    Name: Mark Wiseman
    Comment: You’re an a–hole.
    Name: Darren Farias
    Comment: F–k you you insufferable bastard. If you were married for four years (Bless whoever the f–k would marry your sorry ass) perhaps you might like to have a child. I hope somebody writes your wife and unborn child a letter detailing everything thats ever gone wrong in your life, just as you have so kindly done. Politicians and their families are PEOPLE. F–k you.
    Darren Farias
    Name: Sean Dalton
    Comment: Kyle,
    The bitterness permeating your Chelsea Clinton baby column clouds any legitimate point you were attempting to make. Your are as guilty of using the birth of a child to criticize the Clintons as you claim the Clintons will be to use the baby as a campaign prop. If your goal was to appeal to the lowest of Clinton haters you have succeeded; otherwise your article exposes you as a petty hack and not a journalist. Try reaching a little higher next time.
    Name: Rob
    Comment: You are a vile, small minded typical NY Post writer. You work for a tabloid and rightfully so. To pick on an unborn child and criticize her affiliation because she is a Clinton? Really, only your trash paper and the idiots that blindly follow gives you an audience. When I run out of toilet paper, it good to know that I can still wipe my ass with the post
    Name: Thomas Kuehl
    Comment: could be worse he/she could be a Bush or Cheney and make up “fake” wars were 200,000+ people die. or f–k over the general public.
    Name: Judy Novak
    Comment: Re: Your open letter to Chelsea’s baby.
    How old are you? 12? Judging by your intelligence level and wit, I’m being generous in that guess, to be accurate I should actually knock a few years off your mental age. All I know is if there is a God and he’s good, you won’t procreate.
    Name: Barbara Long
    Comment: Just wondering if you penned a similarly snarky letter to Jenna Bush when she announced her pregnancy? Your letter was in poor taste and really crossed the line.
    Name: Ellen Watts
    Comment: Regarding your letter to baby Clinton: Are you a junior high school boy? A woman is pregnant with a child, and you wrote an article mocking and insulting the unborn child’s mother, grandmother and grandfather, in some very vile ways. Does the Post no longer have editors?
    Name: pete
    Comment: your article about chelsea’s unborn child was stupid. i can’t believe you actually got that published. are you a journalist? a satirist? no – i can’t imagine either. you have the ability to do great things working for the Post. hopefully you learn how to do so.
    Name: Craig Matos
    Comment: Your “Open Letter to Chelsea Clinton’s Unborn Child” is pathetic.
    Name: m. noble
    Comment: Wow,

    Such vitriol towards an unborn child. Hopefully you are not a parent. If this makes you feel like a big man (?) More power to you, but you are really coming off as a douche.
    Name: David Kaun
    Comment: Your letter to the Clinton g child is sick. Where does this hate come from? Do you rely think you’re making the world a better place?
    Name: Thomas
    Comment: Just wanted to remind you that, even though you know it, YOU’RE a F—ING IDIOT. Get over your hatred of the best president we’ve had in 50+ years and his family. YOU ARE A DOUCHEBAG for writing a letter to an unborn baby just so you can demostrate your hate.

    Get over yourself, loser.

    Name: Ginger Menta
    Comment: Shame on for writing to an unborn child. Are you a fortune teller? You are not a very good columnist to write like that.

    Name: Mark
    Comment: Dear Mr. Smith, While I find it oddly interesting & deplorable that Chelsea Clinton being pregnant is even news, I find it absolutely distasteful that you would right an “open letter” to a child that hasn’t been born yet, simply to take cheap shots at the history of this child’s lineage. Have you ever looked into your past? Do things that your grandparents or parents did before you were born define you as a person? I have never read one of your articles before, and I never will again. In my humble opinion, you are a contributiing factor to what is wrong in this society. For the record, I only clicked on this article, to see how awful you would be.

    Name: Kyle
    Comment: What a tasteless, immature and unwarranted article written towards an unborn fetus. You should be ashamed. I would encourage you to take a journalism 101 class. Maybe you should write fiction if you want to rant in a tactlesss fashion without facts. It is ridiculous to write a nasty letter to an unborn child. You should be ashamed Kyle Smith. I’m ashamed to share the same first name as you.

    Name: Dave
    Comment: using an unborn child to advance your political agenda makes me question your morality…. You’re smart enough to express your opinions without using cheap gimmicks, right? Good day.

    Name: Frank Marino
    Comment: How filthy you are to sale yourself to the worst political anti-American ideology of our time Your irrelevant crappy post about baby Clinton is the most disgusting ” article” I ever read in my life You faggoty face c–t are a disgusting POS every advertiser posting on the nypost will loose my business guarantee

    Name: Brosseff
    Comment: What is wrong with you? Pure garbage.

    Name: scottsteaux63
    Comment: Your “Open Letter to Chelsea Clinton’s Unborn Child” is beyond the pale and you should be ashamed of yourself. If it was meant as a joke it wasn’t funny, and if it wasn’t, it’s just that much worse.

    Look, you people don’t like the Clintons and you never have. I get that. But you’ve been spewing racist garbage ever since 2008 when President Obama was elected and I guess the best we can expect from you should Mrs Clinton run and win in 2016 is that you’ll switch from racist spewing to misogynist spewing.

    Either way, you, sir, are a s–t.

    Topics: News, Newspapers | 9 Comments »

    9 Responses to “Hate Mail of the Week”

    1. JimmyC Says:
      April 25th, 2014 at 2:03 pm

      I’m sure all of these people were equally outraged when the liberal media made fun of Bush’s daughters (Roger Ebert mocking Jenna’s “trashy” clothes was an especially classy touch). Or when David Letter publicly mocked Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter for getting pregnant. Or when MSNBC made fun of Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandson.

      Otherwise they’d be big, fat, partisan hypocrites.

    2. Kyle Says:
      April 25th, 2014 at 2:54 pm

      I didn’t make fun of any children, only adults, and only adults heavily involved in politics. Fair game.

    3. lunar Says:
      April 25th, 2014 at 3:15 pm

      It’s funny to see liberals so concerned about an “unborn fetus.”

    4. Kyle Says:
      April 25th, 2014 at 4:46 pm

      you can shred ’em, but only literally.

    5. kishke Says:
      April 25th, 2014 at 5:04 pm

      @Lunar: My thoughts exactly.

      Some of these people have the reasoning power of an unborn fetus. Someone needs to explain to them that it’s actually about the adults, not the child.

      Thanks, Kyle, for the entertainment.

    6. Sherm Says:
      April 25th, 2014 at 10:25 pm

      If this piece had been on cover of NatLamp issue in the 70s, it would be a collector’s item. Perhaps it will end up in someone’s attic time capsule anyway…

    7. Bob Says:
      April 26th, 2014 at 12:22 pm

      It’s funny how they never mention the whole press conference thing in any of the hate mail. Loved the Spider-Man 2 review also.

    8. K Says:
      April 26th, 2014 at 3:45 pm

      Loved the piece, Kyle. The H8 mail though, is even better. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh at butt hurt lefties getting a tiny bit of their own medicine back.

    9. Obama bin Biden Says:
      April 29th, 2014 at 5:00 pm

      The last guy is the best : “you people” I must have missed the spewed racist garbage at some point as well.