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  • Kardashian Split: What About the Money?

    By kyle | October 31, 2011

    Kim Kardashian made millions off her wedding–but what about her sponsors? Forbes takes a look.

    Topics: Celebutards | 2 Comments »

    Tom Hanks, Tasteless in Tinseltown

    By kyle | January 24, 2009

    Tom Hanks seems to be learning what most celebrities intuitively understood 50 years ago: if you take any political position, even one that seems obviously correct to you and everyone you ever talk to (maybe especially that kind), you risk annoying large numbers of potential customers. So he’s backing off after slamming Mormons as “un-American.”

    Topics: Celebutards, Movies, Religion | 5 Comments »

    Door Hit Few On The Way Out

    By jic | November 2, 2008

    Threedonia links to this Sydney Morning Herald article about Hollywood’s fears of a McCain victory. It’s full of the usual stuff: Chris Rock’s ‘joke’ that black people will go on strike, Erica Jong’s prediction of a second civil war and the return of the Elder Gods, Jane Fonda crying all night, Rush Limbaugh (apparently now a “shock-jock”) mocking her for it, and Susan Sarandon ‘threatening’ to leave the country. Of course, few expect celebrities to keep their promise to move to Canada (or wherever), but the article contains this interesting little nugget:

    In fact, Canadian immigration records show that arrivals from the United States actually slowed in the six months after George Bush’s re-election in 2004.

    So, it wasn’t just celebrities.

    Of course, it’s always hilarious that these refugees from whatever Eeeevil Republican administration that may get/stay in seem to think that they’ll just turn up at the Canadian border and be welcomed with open arms, free healthcare and a case of creamed corn. Most countries won’t just give asylum to just anybody who turns up at the border claiming that they don’t like their new government; and normal residency usually takes a while to arrange, and normally requires things like valuable skills, and/or an existing connection to the country, and/or significant assets.

    I guarantee one thing though: If Obama wins, you’ll find me living in England. You mark my words.

    Topics: Barack Obama, Celebutards, John McCain, News | 5 Comments »

    I Like Russell Brand

    By jic | October 31, 2008

    I still don’t find him remotely funny. In fact, I find him tiresome. But his imbecilic antics with the ever more embarrassing talk show host and film critic Jonathan Ross are causing the BBC to be held to account, something that doesn’t happen anywhere near often enough:

    The BBC attempted last night to draw the poison from another calamitous week by taking the unprecedented step of banning its highest paid star for three months, and accepting the resignation of one of its most senior and best-loved executives.

    The corporation suspended Jonathan Ross for 12 weeks without pay, calling his behaviour “utterly unacceptable”, a move which effectively fines him £1.3m.

    Mark Thompson, the director general, hopes the sanction will end the crisis, but some inside the BBC were lamenting the fact it was Radio 2’s controller Lesley Douglas who was forced to carry the can for a lewd prank phone call by Ross and Russell Brand, who quit on Wednesday.

    It’s just a shame that the massive public and political outcry was caused by a pair of buffoons, and not the decades of all-pervasive left-liberal bias.

    Topics: Celebutards, News, Politics, Radio, TV | 25 Comments »

    Whoopi Goldberg to McCain: Will I Be a Slave Again?

    By kyle | September 12, 2008

    I’m not sure Whoopi Goldberg has ever actually been a slave, but according to her, a Republican administration would present a threat of her being “returned” to slavery. If that were the secret policy of the Republican party, why didn’t they go ahead with it when they held the presidency and both houses of Congress?

    Topics: Celebutards, John McCain, Politics, TV | 13 Comments »

    Paris Hilton Reveals Her Big, Luscious Brains

    By kyle | September 10, 2008

    The doc (by Tom Petty’s daughter) on Paris Hilton cancelled every screening but one here in Toronto so I haven’t seen it, but one reviewer who managed to score a ticket says the film “Paris, Not France” shows the renowned celubutard to be a lot brighter than people think.

    Topics: Celebutards, Movies | No Comments »

    Review: True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet

    By kyle | August 8, 2008

    Continuing my gig as a TV critic, today I look at the Lindsay Lohan-ish story of the Lifetime TV movie, “True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet.”

    Topics: Celebutards, TV | No Comments »

    Paris Hilton Gets Into Harvard

    By kyle | January 15, 2008

    Either that or the editors of the Harvard Lampoon want to get into Paris Hilton.

    Topics: Celebutards, Movies, TV | No Comments »

    Hilary Duff: I Need A Man. Low-Income Types Need Not Apply

    By kyle | July 29, 2007

    In a candid, “like”-filled interview, the unattached Hilary Duff confesses that “I do manipulate men when I feel like it” and says that among the most important qualities she seeks in a fella–actually, the most important quality–is that he be “in the business” so he can understand what she is going through, or at least what she’ll be going through for the next six to eight years until she is back to working the state fair circuit. But he must also have outside interests. Also, he has to be rich: “I don’t need someone who, like, has as much as me but you don’t want someone who has much less because then you wouldn’t feel taken care of.” OK, guys. So look at what else she wants from you. Apparently she has a checklist going. I’m confident that with these insights she is going to find exactly the right guy for her.

    Topics: Celebutards, Movies | 1 Comment »

    Lindsay Lohan: Refund for Failed Rehab?

    By kyle | July 26, 2007


    You’d think that paying 50 large per month to some cozy little B & B calling itself a “treatment facility” would carry a guarantee, but, as Slate points out, no. Sorry, Hell-Lo, but your non-successful trips to rehab are not going to earn you any cashback. They’ll gladly take your money without making any Promises that they’ll actually cure you of your many, many ailments.

    I gotta say, though, that even under pretty gnarly circumstances, the girl takes a pretty mug shot. The stunned look is still hot.

    Topics: Celebutards, Movies | 1 Comment »

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