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Kyle Smith (Twitter: @rkylesmith) is critic-at-large for National Review, theater critic for The New Criterion and the author of the novels Love Monkey and A Christmas Caroline. Type a title in the box above to locate a review.

Buy Love Monkey for $4! "Hilarious"--Maslin, NY Times. "Exceedingly readable and wickedly funny romantic comedy"--S.F. Chronicle. "Loud and brash, a helluva lot of fun"--Entertainment Weekly. "Engaging romp, laugh-out-loud funny"-CNN. "Shrewd, self-deprecating, oh-so-witty. Smith's ruthless humor knows no bounds"--NPR

Buy A Christmas Caroline for $10! "for those who prefer their sentimentality seasoned with a dash of cynical wit. A quick, enjoyable read...straight out of Devil Wears Prada"--The Wall Street Journal

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  • Things Are Getting Better

    By kyle | January 7, 2018

    Looks like 2017 was the greatest year in human history, and 2018 will be even better. This ought to be obvious. More here.

    Topics: Politics | 1 Comment »

    Let’s Have Some Humility About the Future

    By kyle | January 4, 2018

    A Chuck Klosterman book published less than two years ago makes the case for a future that includes “a little light fascism.” Let’s not get out over our skis when it comes to the future. New column.

    Topics: Politics | 1 Comment »

    We Were Wrong About Stop-and-Frisk Policing

    By kyle | January 3, 2018

    The tactic was sharply reduced in New York City, and yet crime kept falling. More in a mea culpa.

    Topics: Politics | No Comments »

    Democrats Revert to “It’s OK When Our Side Does It” on Franken

    By kyle | November 28, 2017

    They don’t realize how bad this looks for them. A column. Previously I wrote about why That Picture changes everything for Franken and the Democrats in this column.

    Topics: Movies, Politics | 3 Comments »

    Charles Manson Didn’t Kill the Sixties — the Sixties Did

    By kyle | November 28, 2017

    A look back at Hillary Clinton’s insane Wellesley commencement speech, Charles Manson’s insane followers and the general insanity of the era.

    Topics: Politics | 1 Comment »

    Ferguson Play Corrects Journalists

    By kyle | November 6, 2017

    A play based on grand-jury testimony demolishes again the lies of Ferguson. I offer praise.

    Topics: Politics | No Comments »

    Trump vs. Hitler: Let’s Run the Numbers

    By kyle | October 22, 2017

    In important categories such as world wars started and number of individuals slaughter, there are meaningful differences between Trump and Hitler. Pace Charles Blow of The New York Times, I don’t think Trump is Hitler. More here.

    Topics: Politics | 1 Comment »

    Bill de Blasio: The Empire State Gelding

    By kyle | September 29, 2017

    Now available to non-subscribers is my profile of the 6’5″ dwarf who is the mayor of New York City.

    Topics: Politics | 5 Comments »

    Fact-Checking Hillary’s New Book

    By kyle | September 27, 2017

    She told a bunch of whoppers in her new memoir, “What Happened.” I won’t let her get away with it. More here.

    Topics: Books, Politics | No Comments »

    Make America Normal Again

    By kyle | September 25, 2017

    Attacking the NFL may be good politics for Trump, but it’s annoying for the rest of us. I explain why.

    Topics: Politics | No Comments »

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