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Kyle Smith (Twitter: @rkylesmith) is critic-at-large for National Review, theater critic for The New Criterion and the author of the novels Love Monkey and A Christmas Caroline. Type a title in the box above to locate a review.

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  • “Wanna Keep Anthrax from Spreading?”

    By Kyle | April 1, 2010

    “Then let MGM distribute it.” Nikki Finke has an interesting post on the financials behind MGM’s “Hot Tub Time Machine.” She’s usually reliable, but I’m stunned to hear this comedy cost $50 million and even more stunned that MGM managed to blow $47 million on a completely inept marketing campaign that in no way rivaled, say, that of “The Hangover.” I’ll bet if Warners had released this movie it would have made at least twice as much money. “HTTM” looks to lose a lot of money at those prices, though I think it’ll do very well on home video.

    Topics: Business, Movies | 2 Comments »


    By Kyle | March 22, 2010

    59 percent oppose ObamaCare. But don’t worry, liberals. The poll comes from noted right-wing hacks CNN. I’m starting to think this book is going to need to rush out an extra chapter on Obama.

    Topics: Barack Obama, Business, Politics | 13 Comments »

    “Green Zone” a $230 Million Bomb: Time Magazine

    By Kyle | March 16, 2010

    Looks like “Green Zone” is “a bit of a disaster,” says Time’s amiable Richard Corliss. “A smidge of a calamity.” (Link courtesy of John Nolte at Big Hollywood, which ought to be your go-to site for all things “Green Zone.”) The movie cost, all told, some $230 million and looks like it could lose well over $100 million, making it one of the most epic flops of all time. Universal was already reeling from a long string of flops and disappointments. I wonder if anyone at the studio is about to get fired. I also wonder to what degree Working Title, one of my favorite production companies, is on the hook. I hope they’re not financially imperilled as I greatly enjoy their Brit romcoms.

    Topics: Business, Iraq, Movies, Politics | 10 Comments »

    Ten More Michael Jackson Albums Coming

    By Kyle | March 16, 2010

    Who’s the hottest star in recorded music? Michael Jackson has sold 31 million albums since his death. And now Sony has a $200 million deal to bring out ten more albums‘ worth of material, some of it unreleased recordings, some of it new versions of old songs. Wow. And I thought Yoko Ono had a lot of leftover material to deal with.

    Topics: Business, Music | 4 Comments »

    Laughingstock Speaks!

    By Kyle | March 1, 2010

    Is Al Gore sounding maybe just a wee bit defensive in his latest word-spew in the New York Times? I think the Kinsley Gaffe is highly in evidence when Gore confesses that he sees cap-and-trade legislation — regulation and taxation as an “instrument of human redemption.” He also leaks word that the Chinese, who publicly stated they essentially wanted nothing to do with any global cap-and-trade effort, were saying behind the scenes that maybe they’d be willing to talk about it a wee bit more if only the US would take the lead. Does this sound like China’s way of thinking? “Well, if you guys do it, we’ll go ahead and follow in lockstep behind you. It’s not like we’re afraid of cutting into our massive growth rate. Nor do we feel that it’s unfair for the industrialized nations to pull up the ladder to prosperity after they’ve enjoyed limitless power to emit greenhouse gases forever.” Sure, Al. And Al is, as usual, on both sides of the let’s-take-individual-weather-events-as-evidence-of-global-trends argument. Here’s Christopher Booker talking about the big problems with the catastrophist side in the Telegraph.

    Topics: Business, Politics | 2 Comments »

    Beware Facebook

    By Kyle | March 1, 2010

    College admissions offices, employers and divorce lawyers are now using social-networking sites against you. How afraid should you be? More in my other Sunday column.

    Topics: Blogs, Business, Tech | No Comments »

    Al Gore Called “Laughingstock” at Apple Meeting

    By Kyle | February 26, 2010

    You wouldn’t think an Apple meeting would turn into a forum for Al Gore bashing. If he isn’t safe from heckling there, where is he safe?

    Topics: Business, Politics | 4 Comments »

    Pricetag for Miramax $700 Million

    By Kyle | February 1, 2010

    That’s the list price, but my feeling is they’ll accept less. Much less. Like, fifty bucks and a 1975 Kurt Bevacqua card. It would be funny if Disney made the Weinsteins buy the whole miserable company they ran into the ground in pursuit of getting their parents’ name back.

    Topics: Business, Movies | No Comments »

    American Innovation Will Save America

    By Kyle | January 17, 2010

    So argues Gregg Easterbrook in his compelling new answer to the declinist school, “Sonic Boom.” I take a look at the book in my Sunday column.

    Topics: Books, Business, Economics, Politics | 1 Comment »

    You Mean Capitalism Has a Future?

    By Kyle | January 6, 2010

    A new-ish blog edited by Ira Stoll, Future of Capitalism, is full of sensible thoughts and useful correctives (including a neat little jab at the New York Times for bemoaning H & M’s practice of ruining clothes before throwing them away).

    Topics: Blogs, Business, Economics | No Comments »

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