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Kyle Smith (Twitter: @rkylesmith) is critic-at-large for National Review, theater critic for The New Criterion and the author of the novels Love Monkey and A Christmas Caroline. Type a title in the box above to locate a review.

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    By kyle | July 30, 2013

    Now The Telegraph has picked up my McDouble piece. Also I was on BBC Radio 5 today, but I haven’t listened to how they edited me. (The interviewer was slightly hostile and asked whether McDonald’s has paid me or promised me anything. Semi-reasonable question –that isn’t the way journalism works, at least in the US–, but the answer is of course no.) I made the Wall Street Journal’s “Notable & Quotable” column. The Huffington Post UK took a bite but is under the impression I write for “The New York Times.” A nurse (who hasn’t heard about the new study questioning the value of a low-sodium diet) took a poke at me on Yahoo. (Yes, the McDouble is high in fat, but it doesn’t follow that those who eat McDoubles maintain high-fat diets overall. Nor does it follow that if you eat a high-fat diet, you’ll necessarily be fat. Case in point: me.) Reason’s Nick Gillespie called me “always entertaining” in a blog post. I’m on Fark with the tag “Obvious.”

    Lesson: people get very, very angry when you tell them McDonald’s food isn’t going to kill you.

    Topics: Food | 22 Comments »

    The Greatest Food in Human History

    By kyle | July 29, 2013

    …is available on a corner near you for a buck or so. More in my Sunday column, which has generated more than 7000 Facebook Likes.

    UPDATE: The Daily Mail picked up the story and even credited me and (!) ran a picture of me.
    I have no memory of this picture whatsoever. Must have been years ago.

    UPDATE 2: This appears to be the most widely-read piece of mine I’ve ever published. It has over 21,000 Likes.

    Topics: Food | 20 Comments »

    Review: “Food Beware”

    By kyle | October 16, 2009

    The French fear-your-meal documentary “Food Beware” is out. My review is up.

    Topics: Europe, Food, Movies | No Comments »

    Julia Child Hated Meryl Streep, and Vice Versa

    By kyle | August 30, 2009

    Despite the lefty tone of the new Nora Ephron movie “Julie & Julia,” Julia Child was a bit of conservative when it comes to eating, arguing that food, in fact, is not your enemy. Radical!
    “She despised activists who terrified people about the safety of their food,” says someone who knew her. Moreover, she specifically hated — guess who? — Meryl Streep, for her role in stirring up a phony “60 Minutes” controversy over Alar in apples in the 1980s. (Don Hewitt himself later regretted having run the piece.) For this, Streep has denounced Child as a tool of big corporations. The whole story is here.

    Topics: Books, Food, History, Movies, Politics | 16 Comments »

    Is Food the New Sex?

    By kyle | February 11, 2009

    What happens when, for the first time in history, adult human beings are free to have all the sex and food they want?

    Good question.

    Topics: Food, Sex | 11 Comments »