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  • Sarah Palin In X-Rated Movie!

    By Kyle | October 3, 2008

    Larry Flynt is making a porno starring Sarah Palin….or, actually, someone who looks kinda like her. (Tina Fey? You wish.)

    Topics: Movies, Politics, Sarah Palin | 4 Comments »

    George Gurley Does Sarah Palin

    By Kyle | September 18, 2008

    From the New York Observer’s funniest, manliest man, George Gurley:

    My very first thought about Sarah Palin? That would be: “I want to have sex with her.” Want to lick that face and drool on it like a dog.

    Then during her speech at the convention: No cleavage? No fair. Slurp slurp.

    O.K., I’m only going to say this once: Sarah Palin is much better-looking, smarter, wiser and savvier than 99.5 percent of the hysterical New York City liberal chicks whining about “scary” and “mean” Republicans.

    Democrats are going to lose and blame America, but I’m going to have a ball on election night like I did in 2004 when W. cleaned John Kerry’s clock. Went to The Palm steakhouse. Media elite party. Everyone acting like it’s the end of the world—except for me. Ha! Suckers! Moved on to Red Rock West, where the barmaid poured shots down my throat; I danced around with a pool cue. I took my one-man celebration over to the Daily Show party. Everyone there stunned, muted. Not me. Ha! Screaming “Whooo!” and “Wheeee!” I sat on some kind of plastic horsey, pretending to ride it. Giddy-yap pony! Some random girl came over and gave me a quick smooch—not bragging, just sayin’.

    I was thinking about Sarah Palin yesterday. You want this? O.K., here you go: I was looking out the window. Hands outside the pants! Thinking about her. I want her to take care of me. Nurse! Climb into bed with me and watch movies, cuddle, laugh, play footsie. I see she had a tanning bed installed in the Governor’s mansion. That means no tan lines. Mmmm, me likey!

    Topics: Comedy, Politics, Sarah Palin | 29 Comments »

    Tina Fey Makes Debut as Sarah Palin

    By Kyle | September 14, 2008

    And Amy Poehler makes a hilarious Hillary.

    Topics: Hillary Clinton, Politics, Sarah Palin, TV | 19 Comments »

    Keep It Up with the Condescending, Charlie Gibson

    By Kyle | September 12, 2008

    With even Alessandra Stanley calling out ABC’s Charlie Gibson for looking rude, impatient and condescending in his Sarah Palin interview, one has to wonder whether the women of the swing states in the middle of the country–the people who will decide the election–will be even more vocal about it, especially since the idea of sexism vis a vis Hillary Clinton is already a much-discussed topic. Says Stanley:

    Gibson, who sat back in his chair and wriggled his foot impatiently, had the skeptical, annoyed tone of a university president who agrees to interview the daughter of a trustee, but doesn’t believe she merits admission.

    Topics: Hillary Clinton, Politics, Sarah Palin, TV | 38 Comments »

    Roger Ebert on Sarah Palin

    By Kyle | September 10, 2008

    Hey! Who said film critics could write about politics? Ebert calls Sarah Palin “a shallow, chirpy person with those vaguely alarming eyeglasses.” Stop it, you’re dazzling me with your grasp of the issues. It certainly puts into context Ebert’s next paen to a dull, mopey antiwar movie like “In the Valley of Elah.” But I’m all for transparency. All film critics should be as forthright about their politics rather than pretending to be neutral and unbiased.

    As for the MSM in general, the next eight weeks of general unhingement are going to be amusing to watch as they express shock and outrage when it turns out that the no. 1 most liberal senator is not who the American people want to lead them.

    Topics: Barack Obama, Movies, Politics, Sarah Palin | 69 Comments »

    Obama’s Ham-Fisted Approach to Sarah Palin

    By Kyle | September 10, 2008

    Really, Barack Obama is becoming a boar about how the press have gone hog-wild. He should just say, “Sow what?” And promise to cut back on pork-barrel spending.

    Topics: Barack Obama, Sarah Palin | 25 Comments »

    Hitchens on Palin

    By Kyle | September 8, 2008

    Christopher Hitchens, proving again that a thought he dashed off in probably 15 minutes has more learning in it than most of us could fake after a week in the library, writes about why it isn’t wise to patronize Sarah Palin–and makes an interesting Ronald Reagan comparison.

    Topics: Christopher Hitchens, Politics, Religion, Sarah Palin | 42 Comments »

    Welcome to the Palindome

    By Kyle | September 7, 2008

    My lengthy takeout on the Republican National Convention (2,000 words or so) is running in today’s Post.

    Topics: Barack Obama, John McCain, Politics, Sarah Palin | 8 Comments »

    Johnny Mac: Adequate

    By Kyle | September 4, 2008

    I was in the conventional hall in the hacks’ gallery for the big speech, which was repeatedly interrupted by shouty Code Pink types who would scream intermittently, then be drowned out by surrounding folk shouting, “U.S.A.” You could see their little feet kicking in the air as they made peace signs while being escorted out. Security here was a joke. My I.D. didn’t have my picture on it. Someone scanned it in as I entered, and that was that. I could have sold the thing to any protester. They would have been able to figure out later where the protester got it from, but only after the fact. The HuffPo or TPM or Salon crews could have sold (or, more likely, given) their passes to their radical buddies.

    J.Mac was okay, came across as a thorougly decent, modest guy. I guess that counts as something but it was a comedown after last night. The last couple of grafs nobody could hear over the cheers in the hall. Now I’m going to the Google/Vanity Fair party and then I’ll be writing more in the wee hours. I owe the Post a 2000 word story on the week, which I have to write before a 10 am flight to the Toronto Film Festival tomorrow.

    Topics: Barack Obama, John McCain, Politics, Sarah Palin | 13 Comments »

    People Lands First Sarah Palin Interview

    By Kyle | September 4, 2008

    As if in response to US’s nasty treatment of Sarah Palin (this week’s cover from the publication owned by the leftist Jann Wenner blares, “BABIES, LIES AND SCANDAL,” though an US editor admitted that the only lies in the story were the ones told about Palin, not by her), my alma mater People, which considers itself far less tabloidy than US, talks to the governor about her family dramas this year. It turns out that knowing she was having a Down Syndrome child is the reason she was reluctant to discuss her pregnancy much, and the reason she had to rush home from a speech was because the baby arrived five weeks early. Perfectly understandable, as is her preference to go to her own hospital and doctor rather than go to the nearest available one. I think most women will sympathize. And having essentially the same story as the US cover told with actual access to the central figure is a real plus for People, whose readers frequently state in focus groups that they think it manages to sidestep the sleaze of its competitors. Kudos to my former boss, Larry Hackett.

    Topics: Politics, Sarah Palin | 16 Comments »

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