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Kyle Smith (Twitter: @rkylesmith) is a film critic for The New York Post and the author of the novels Love Monkey and A Christmas Caroline. Type a title in the box above to locate a review.

Buy Love Monkey for $4! "Hilarious"--Maslin, NY Times. "Exceedingly readable and wickedly funny romantic comedy"--S.F. Chronicle. "Loud and brash, a helluva lot of fun"--Entertainment Weekly. "Engaging romp, laugh-out-loud funny"-CNN. "Shrewd, self-deprecating, oh-so-witty. Smith's ruthless humor knows no bounds"--NPR

Buy A Christmas Caroline for $10! "for those who prefer their sentimentality seasoned with a dash of cynical wit. A quick, enjoyable read...straight out of Devil Wears Prada"--The Wall Street Journal

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  • What If Pretentiousness Were a Good Thing?

    By Kyle | August 15, 2016

    The case for pretension as a way we learn to be better people, in a Sunday column.

    Topics: Books | 2 Comments »

    Why “White Trash” Voters Love Trump

    By Kyle | August 1, 2016

    A look at hillbilly culture and how it aligns perfectly with Trump’s message. A double Sunday column.

    Topics: Books | No Comments »

    Don’t Apologize, Gay Talese

    By Kyle | April 7, 2016

    The eminent journalist has exactly zero to apologize for. More in a column.

    Topics: Books | 2 Comments »

    Top Bush Diplomat Speaks Out About Iraq

    By Kyle | March 21, 2016

    In a new memoir, “The Envoy,” Bush’s ambassador to Afghanistan and Iraq speaks out about how much we should blame Bush — and Obama — for what happened. More in a Sunday column.

    Topics: Books | 6 Comments »

    The Hillary Clinton Children’s Book

    By Kyle | February 1, 2016

    …and what it tells us about the failing cult of Hillary. A column.

    Topics: Books | 4 Comments »

    “The Silo Effect”

    By Kyle | September 14, 2015

    How compartmentalization affects organizations, and how to defeat it. More in a Sunday column about Gillian Tett’s new book.

    Topics: Books | 1 Comment »

    On Prison Reform

    By Kyle | September 8, 2015

    In my Sunday column, I take a look at the case of a Missouri state senator who went to jail for crimes stemming from mailing a postcard. Madness.

    Topics: Books | 16 Comments »

    F*ck Feelings

    By Kyle | August 24, 2015

    A psychiatrist advises you to f*ck self esteem, f*ck fairness and f*ck feelings. The way forward is to realize that life is never going to be perfect. My Sunday column.

    Topics: Books | 2 Comments »

    Chicken Littles vs. Reality

    By Kyle | August 17, 2015

    In my Sunday column, a look at “The End of Doom,” in which Ronald Bailey takes apart various forms of doom-mongering.

    Topics: Books | 3 Comments »

    Don’t Get Mad, Get Happy

    By Kyle | July 20, 2015

    Conservatives need to master the art of speaking with our hearts, notes Arthur C. Brooks in a new book. More in my Sunday column.

    Topics: Books | 6 Comments »

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