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Kyle Smith (Twitter: @rkylesmith) is critic-at-large for National Review, theater critic for The New Criterion and the author of the novels Love Monkey and A Christmas Caroline. Type a title in the box above to locate a review.

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  • New York Salutes You, IKEA, Libertarian Wonderland

    By Kyle | June 17, 2008

    Socialism has come to the Hudson, but enough about the New York department of city planning. IKEA Brooklyn, the first-ever sighting of the sofas-and-Swedish-meatballs retailer in Gotham, opens Wednesday morning and lingonberry fever has already struck. Fans started waiting in line Monday morning, probably equally enticed by free POANG and EKTORP and my column this spring on Ingvar Kamprand’s mod masterwork.

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    “Sex” Geeks: Not Living in Reality

    By Kyle | June 1, 2008

    In my Sunday column I ask: are “Sex and the City” fangirls really all that different from “Star Wars” geeks? Yes. They’re worse. And check out my parody of the TV show.

    Topics: Comedy, DVD, Fashion, Movies, New York City, Sex, TV | 5 Comments »

    “Sex and the City: The Movie”: Reviews Coming In

    By Kyle | May 13, 2008


    After the inexplicable decision to premiere the “Sex and the City” movie in London on Monday night, UK hacks are out with their reviews. The verdict is….unclear.

    Says The Daily Telegraph, “Coarse, sentimental and materialistic–just as we hoped it would be.” That’s the pro side. On the con side is an admittedly grumpy old man from the Times of London, who says his cup runneth over with twittering fashionistas, giving the flick two stars out of five. He grumbles at its running time–and indeed who would gainsay him if the film really is TWO HOURS AND TWENTY MINUTES?–and says,

    The plot twists and turns like that of a pot boiler. Having inspired an entire genre of chick lit, Sex and the City the film feeds off its own progeny. Is it a film, one wonders, or an extended soap opera, will any of these crises be resolved and, if they are, will it matter, for they will surely soon plunge themselves into another dilemma, for which the only cure is an expansive shopping trip.

    Over at the Sun, generally considered the newspaper of choice for Cockney lorry drivers, the word from reviewer “The Sneak” is that the film is exactly what you expect (crave?): “As always it is Kim Cattrall as sex mad Samantha who steals the show with all the big laughs.” Okay, not exactly Anthony Lane here.
    So whom do we trust? None of the above! Let’s wait to hear from the clever and reliable Peter Bradshaw, (no relation to Carrie, I think) who writes for The Guardian but hasn’t yet posted his thoughts.

    Topics: Comedy, Europe, Fashion, Movies, New York City, Sex, TV | No Comments »

    Michelle Obama Channeling Jackie Kennedy Look

    By Kyle | March 2, 2008

    Check out these pictures, which summarize how the would-be next First Lady, Michelle Obama, is carefully imitating Jackie Kennedy’s clothes and even haircuts. I wonder if this will work any better than John Kerry’s habit of reminding people his middle initial was F. Must every Democrat scramble for a piece of the 1000-day Kennedy presidency from 45 years ago? Is there nothing since then that they’re proud of?

    Topics: Barack Obama, Fashion, Politics | 4 Comments »

    Reege, You Are Mr. Showbiz

    By Kyle | February 24, 2008

    Regis Philbin, with Miley Cyrus: he holds her arm up like the heavyweight champeen and yells to the crowd, “Miley Cyrus!”

    That’s all people want, not Ryan Seacrest and his Dan Ratherish off-road adventures.

    Topics: Fashion, Movies, Oscars | 2 Comments »

    Clooney Has Been on the Carpet for Over 40 Minutes

    By Kyle | February 24, 2008

    Doesn’t he know the voting ended already?

    Topics: Fashion, Movies, Oscars | No Comments »

    Oscar Over/Unders

    By Kyle | February 24, 2008

    Place your bets, boys and girls, I am setting the Over/Unders for Jon Stewart’s monologue.

    Over/Under 22 seconds (after end of applause and associated pleasantries, when monologue starts in earnest): First mention of Barack Obama ACTUAL: OVER: about 7 minutes

    Over/under 45 seconds: first mention of WGA strike
    Over/under two: mentions of ClooneyACTUAL: UNDER. 11 seconds

    Over/under three: negative jokes (implying something undesirable) about John McCain, including age gags. ACTUAL: UNDER: 1 (implied age gag)

    Over/under 1/2: negative jokes about Barack Obama: ACTUAL: UNDER: ZERO (Earlier I had zero but meant to say 1/2; obviously you can’t do below zero)

    Prop bets:

    More mentions of Clooney, or Bush -1? CLOONEY: 1, BUSH ZERO.

    More jokes about Bardem’s hair, or the strike? STRIKE. AT LEAST 3. ONLY 1 on BARDEM’S HAIR.

    Topics: Fashion | No Comments »

    la Vie En Marose: Marion Cotillard Name-Mangling Watch

    By Kyle | February 24, 2008

    E! presenter Giuliana DePandi on Marion Cotillard (pronounced CO-TEA-YAR, silent d): “CO-TEA-YAIR.”

    Skippy the Red Carpet Lapdog got close: “CO-TEA-YARD.”

    Topics: Fashion, Movies, Oscars, Philosophy | No Comments »

    Who Is Scarier, Gary Abusey or Skippy the Red Carpet Lapdog?

    By Kyle | February 24, 2008

    Ryan! You are no Dick Clark. Except both of you are looking close to the end of your careers.

    “Would you be breast-feeding, or…?”–Ryan Seacrest, to a pregnant Jessica Alba
    “That’s really personal!”–Alba

    Watching Skippy the Red Carpet Lapdog makes you realize how difficult it must be to keep up a steady stream of bland banter in real time with dozens of different people to recognize and chat up without saying much of anything–but especially without saying anything notably weird, offensive or unintentionally funny.

    Topics: Fashion, Movies | 1 Comment »

    Instant fashion verdicts

    By Sara | February 24, 2008

    Cameron Diaz = not so much
    Jennifer Garner = dress yes, necklace no
    Laura Linney = dress no, necklace yes
    Marion Cotillard = maybe?
    Keri Russell = Yes, yes, yes!
    Kimora Lee Simmons = good lord no

    Topics: Fashion, Oscars | 1 Comment »

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