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Kyle Smith (Twitter: @rkylesmith) is critic-at-large for National Review, theater critic for The New Criterion and the author of the novels Love Monkey and A Christmas Caroline. Type a title in the box above to locate a review.

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  • Hillary Clinton and “Iron My Shirt”

    By Kyle | April 20, 2008

    Over at Hillaryland, there isn’t much left to do except try to convince history that her campaign was killed by sexism. Good luck with that one, folks. Read the rest of this entry »

    Topics: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, News, Politics | 38 Comments »

    Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Seen “Rocky”

    By Kyle | April 1, 2008

    Hillary Clinton, currently comparing herself to Rocky Balboa, may not have seen the movie she’s referring to….It’s true that Rocky never gave up. It’s also true that he lost. But if she’s trying to say, I too, am being beaten by a black guy, she’s absolutely right.

    Topics: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Movies, Politics | 8 Comments »

    Colbert Report For Obama; Saturday Night Live for Hillary

    By Kyle | March 12, 2008

    Slate makes the case that comedy writers are digging in their heels: Stephen Colbert and the staff of the all-sarcasm, all-the-time Colbert Report are in the tank for Barack Obama, whereas “Saturday Night Live” has become a branch of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. What’s missing here? No comedy shows, anywhere, for President Bush or any other Republicans. Hey, TV execs: you’re leaving out half the country every time you do a political satire show.

    Topics: Barack Obama, Comedy, Hillary Clinton, Politics, TV | 6 Comments »

    Jack Nicholson on Hillary Clinton: I Like Her Openness!

    By Kyle | March 12, 2008

    So why does Jack Nicholson support Hillary Clinton? It seems his three reasons are 1) she’s more experienced than Barack Obama (in reality, she didn’t even have a White House security clearance–meaning that not only didn’t she make foreign policy, she wasn’t even in the room when others were discussing it) 2) he likes women because he was raised, famously, by a family of women (the one he thought was his older sister was his mom; the woman he thought was his mom was his grandmother) and 3) she promises a transparent government, putting everything on the Internet, etc.

    Whoah, there, Johnny Nic. Hillary is about the last person in the world you should trust on that score since she hasn’t even made public the documents from her last period in the White House. Not to mention her tax returns. Of course, there’s no particular reason to believe anything Barack Obama says, either; he simply hasn’t been around long enough to build up a record of failing to make good on his principles.

    Topics: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Movies, Politics | No Comments »

    Hillary Clinton Is Anton Chigurh?

    By Kyle | March 11, 2008

    So says Rich Lowry, who points out that those who keep saying Hillary Clinton can’t do math aren’t quite living in reality either: Obama probably can’t win outright before the convention. Prediction: Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem’s killin’ machine in “No Country for Old Men”) will replace “The Terminator” as the new favorite metaphor for the personification of violence.

    Topics: Barack Obama, DVD, Hillary Clinton, Movies | 1 Comment »

    Can “Saturday Night Live” Save Hillary Clinton?

    By Kyle | March 4, 2008

    In the tank for Obama. In the tank for Obama. In the tank for Obama. Everyone knows these words apply to the campaign ’08 press corps; everyone has been saying them for months. But it wasn’t until “Saturday Night Live” said them that reporters started to listen, to smart a bit from being mocked, and to finally gin up some hostile questions for Barack Obama for the first time in his media-facilitated rise. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post and others are asking: did “SNL” set off a chain reaction that will result in a change of mind for the Democratic party?

    Topics: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Newspapers, Politics, TV | No Comments »

    The Presidential Race: Mac vs. PC

    By Kyle | February 1, 2008


    Funniest hed I saw today (from Yahoo news) describes the upcoming Hillary Clinton vs. John McCain November showdown as “Mac vs. PC.” Not the last time we’ll be seeing that one, since Hillary Clinton is the incarnation of┬ápolitical correctness. And I ask you: who doesn’t love a Mac? Whereas nobody ever describes himself as “PC.”

    Topics: Hillary Clinton, John McCain, News, Tech | 4 Comments »

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