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Kyle Smith (Twitter: @rkylesmith) is a film critic for The New York Post and the author of the novels Love Monkey and A Christmas Caroline. Type a title in the box above to locate a review.

Buy Love Monkey for $4! "Hilarious"--Maslin, NY Times. "Exceedingly readable and wickedly funny romantic comedy"--S.F. Chronicle. "Loud and brash, a helluva lot of fun"--Entertainment Weekly. "Engaging romp, laugh-out-loud funny"-CNN. "Shrewd, self-deprecating, oh-so-witty. Smith's ruthless humor knows no bounds"--NPR

Buy A Christmas Caroline for $10! "for those who prefer their sentimentality seasoned with a dash of cynical wit. A quick, enjoyable read...straight out of Devil Wears Prada"--The Wall Street Journal

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  • Our Transcendent Mayor

    By Kyle | May 18, 2015

    In my Sunday column, a look at Mayor de Blasio’s favorite word, and what it says about him.

    Topics: New York City | 6 Comments »

    Bill de Blasio Is Right

    By Kyle | April 27, 2015

    Have I turned into a liberal Democrat? More in my Sunday column.

    Topics: New York City | 8 Comments »

    Mayor De Snoozio

    By Kyle | March 16, 2015

    In my Sunday column, a look at Mayor Bill de Blasio’s strange habit of oversleeping and missing ceremonial duties.

    Topics: New York City | 3 Comments »

    Tourists: Get Your Arm Out of My Face

    By Kyle | December 5, 2014

    I have a column in which I offer unfriendly advice to our out-of-town visitors this holiday season.

    Topics: New York City | 17 Comments »

    They’re All Jokers

    By Kyle | November 24, 2014

    In my Sunday column, a look at the strange institution known as the New York City Council, where they’re currently entertaining testimony from Batman and the Joker.

    Topics: New York City | 1 Comment »

    Moms: Be More Like Dads

    By Kyle | November 20, 2014

    In a column, I argue that the key to being a happy parent is not giving a s–t.

    Topics: New York City | No Comments »

    Public Servants or Imperial Overlords?

    By Kyle | November 10, 2014

    In my other Sunday column: How minor bureaucrats spend our money on their own self-aggrandizement.

    Topics: New York City, Politics | 6 Comments »

    Bill de Blasio, Most Transparent Mayor Ever

    By Kyle | September 8, 2014

    So he promised. How did that work out? More in my Sunday column.

    Topics: New York City | 10 Comments »

    NYC Crime

    By Kyle | March 20, 2014

    Topics: New York City | 18 Comments »


    By Kyle | March 7, 2014

    Over at the Corner, I have an item on the 194 Harlem school children getting kicked out of their top-ranked public school by Mayor Bill de Blasio. Why? The school is a charter, hence non-union, hence an embarrassment to unions and their political puppets.

    Please share on social media. We need to put pressure on de Blasio to rethink this awful decision. His approval rating is already down to 39 percent.

    Topics: New York City | 48 Comments »

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