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Kyle Smith (Twitter: @rkylesmith) is critic-at-large for National Review, theater critic for The New Criterion and the author of the novels Love Monkey and A Christmas Caroline. Type a title in the box above to locate a review.

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  • A Response to “Cat Person”

    By kyle | December 14, 2017

    The New Yorker story about soul-crushingly bad sex went viral a few days ago. I wrote an open letter to its protagonist, Margot.

    Topics: Sex | 4 Comments »

    Hugh Hefner, Feminist

    By kyle | September 29, 2017

    The sexual revolution he embodied was great for men but not so great for women, as I argue here.

    Topics: Sex | 1 Comment »

    Hookup Culture: A Victory for Women

    By kyle | August 28, 2012

    Seldom have I come across a piece as comprehensively wrong as Hanna Rosin’s defense of hookup culture as a feminist victory in The Atlantic.

    Topics: Sex | 7 Comments »

    Review: “The Pregnant Widow” by Martin Amis

    By kyle | May 9, 2010

    Martin Amis’s novel about the sexual revolution and its unintended consequences “The Pregnant Widow” has far too many ideas to be dealt with in 450 words but here is my review in today’s Post.

    Topics: Books, Europe, History, Politics, Sex | 1 Comment »

    Review: “Chloe”

    By kyle | March 26, 2010

    The sex thriller “Chloe” could have used a snappier pace and a few more thrills, but it’s got a steamy girl-on-girl sex scene. My review is up.

    Topics: Movies, Sex | No Comments »

    Hitchens: I Had Sex with Guys Who Dug Margaret Thatcher

    By kyle | March 8, 2010

    Ho-hum, you say? More evidence of the English Vice, this time in Christopher Hitchens’ upcoming memoir, in which he confesses to schoolboy love affairs with Thatcher-loving dudes when he, of course, was a young Trotskyite. Our friends in the scepter’d isle are intimately familiar with each other’s scepters. I think there must be a mandatory class on the subject taught in English public schools. I’m sure Hunter Tremayne could tell you all about it. This information completes a rather warmish trifecta in the writing of those three old friends Ian McEwan, Martin Amis and Christopher Hitchens. I will write later on the disturbing quantity of semen appearing glistening on women’s faces (apparently it’s a wonderful moisturizer) in feminist Martin Amis’s sex novel “The Pregnant Widow” and the unspeakable penile abuse committed in McEwan’s global-warming novel, “Solar.”

    Topics: Books, Christopher Hitchens, Europe, Sex | 9 Comments »

    Is Food the New Sex?

    By kyle | February 11, 2009

    What happens when, for the first time in history, adult human beings are free to have all the sex and food they want?

    Good question.

    Topics: Food, Sex | 11 Comments »

    “30 Rock”: the Anti-“Sex and the City”

    By kyle | December 9, 2008

    Today I take a look at one of my favorite TV shows, “30 Rock,” and ask whether it’s the aughties antidote to the single-gal fantasy world of “Sex and the City.” “30 Rock” improved a great deal after season one so check out the season two DVD, which is full of terrific episodes including the Carrie Fisher one.

    Topics: DVD, New York City, Sex, TV | 2 Comments »

    Sex Sells? Not Anymore! It’s a Re-sex-ion!

    By kyle | October 10, 2008

    The anticipated recession is already wreaking havoc on sex columnists, making the market for between-the-sheets gossips dry up and go limp as editors mutter: “Not this issue, dear. I have a headache.” When even sex doesn’t sell, it’s time to start scouting the real-estate ads for comfy-looking cardboard boxes.

    Topics: Economics, Newspapers, Politics, Sex | 1 Comment »

    SP Is for Sexy Puritan, Sarah Palin

    By kyle | October 3, 2008

    I just noticed Bay State novelist Tom Perrotta (“Election,” “Little Children,” and see my review of “The Abstinence Teacher“) has an essay up on today’s sexiest Puritan: Sarah Palin. Love the bit about “Christian nymphos.”

    Topics: Politics, Sarah Palin, Sex | No Comments »

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